Character backgrounds and descriptions (basic) - all characters have dark hair, which means various shades of brown to black unless otherwise noted.

All characters are fictional any similarities with real or other characters are coincidental only.

Admiral - John Douglas ( dark hair / admiral of space command) - John Douglas is Earth Admiral of Space Command.

At Space Command Admiral Douglas is in charge of the Space Command Mission Room and backed by a group of characters called the Space Command Science Team who examine data retrieved by the Space Command Strike Force, perform analysis and make recommendations for the Earth Admiral.

There are also many other characters at science stations, outposts etc. throughout Space Command who report to Earth's Admiral. The main Space Command Strike Force Team is formed by a group high ranking officials and officers from the Earth's Space Command all operate on one space ship or in various separate smaller units depending on their mission . 

Space Command Unit One

Captain - Hank Norris (blonde hair / team leader) - Hank Norris is the Space Command Strike Force team leader and Captain of Space Command, Earth's most elite futuristic Strike Force. He is a military jet fighter test pilot who has been given the command of leading the Space Command Strike Force, a first on the ground lead secret mission team from Earth that investigates threats from distant hostile planets. 

All other characters on the Space Command Strike Force have been chosen from select highly prominent military forces from Earth's military divisions, while serving on the Space Command Strike Force they have been assigned a lower rank from Earth's Admiral for their secret operations. 

Commander -  Johnny Faulk (dark hair / weapons and military command officer )  - Johnny Faulk is the second in command on the Space Command Strike Force and is a high ranking military and weapons advisor from Earth's Space Command. His main role is to translate battle plans and military functions into the the ships computer based on the decisions of the Captain and the Admiral to be sent to the rest of Earth's Space Command Forces for their space operations.

Lieutenant Commander - Reid Webster (dark hair - artificial intelligence and science commander) - Reid Webster is a top scientist from Earth's Space Command headquarters and is in charge of examining scientific data, making scientific recommendations and programming artificial intelligence.

 Space Command Unit Two

Commander - William Baker (dark hair / space command strategist ) William Baker is the Captain of Space Fleet, Earth's main primary defence force and a diplomatic commander for Space Command back on Earth.

Lieutenant Commander - Samantha Hunter (blonde hair / heavy weapons and combat expert) - Samantha Hunter is an expert in the design and usage of large heavy combat weapons on and off the ship and military combat expert.

Lieutenant -  Joe Greenland ( dark hair / secret operations commander ) Joe Greenland is in charge of secret mission planning for the Space Command Strike Force and is a secret agent commander. 

Space Command Unit Three

Commander - Julie Palmer  (dark hair / military battlefield strategist ) - Julie Palmer is the Captain of Star Force an elite Space Battalion from Earth that hold's Earth Space Perimeter and prepares battlefield plans and scenarios with advanced artificially intelligent computers.

Lieutenant Commander - Frank Willmont - (dark hair / space survey expert) - Frank Willmont is an expert in space exploration and scientific survey equipment, his job is to map out newly discovered regions of space and translate them into useable maps and scenarios for Space Command.

Lieutenant - Lester Morgan - (dark hair / field officer) Lester Morgan is a top field officer from Space Command, his job is establish the Space Command military command structure during a battle on an enemy planet and enforce the rules given to him by the Admiral and Captain of Space Command on the ground when landing on an enemy planet.

Space Command Unit Four

Commander - Jerome Janson ( dark hair / computer and ship specialist) - Jerome Janson is the Captain of Space Force, Earth's remote space exploration team. His job is to explore the outer regions of Earth's space and develop new heavy defences for space ship integrity and test weapons / scientific instruments in the deep harsh conditions of outer space.

Lieutenant Commander - Holly Withers (red hair / science officer) - Holly Withers is the Space Command Strike Force top scientist and astronaut, her job is to examine scientific technologies directly in the harsh conditions of outer space for the ships external functions, offer solutions to problems and recover technologies externally in a space suit when the team has to leave the ship.

Lieutenant -  Burton Quayle (dark hair / science and military historian ) Burton Quayle is Space Command's advisor on science and military history and his job is to provide and report on technologies discovered on distant planets by Space Command and attempt to date and catalogue their levels of technology for Space Command.

Space Command Unit Five

Commander -  Floyd Germans (dark hair / combat captain) -  Floyd Germans is the Captain of Earth Force, Earth's first line combat divisions. He is an expert combat captain and is usually first in line during a Space Command Strike Force assault, his job is to penetrate enemy lines, subdue resistance and then stabilize the area for the Space Command Strike Force landing party.

Lieutenant Commander - Peter Cane (dark hair / science officer) - Peter Cane is the main science advisor on the front lines in distant hostile plants from Earth during a Space Command assault, his job is to establish scientific communications for Space Command on enemy front lines, identify and retrieve enemy technology during an invasion by Space Command.

Lieutenant - Betsy Hawkins (black hair / combat operations designer) - Betsy Hawkins is a science and military installation expert, her job is to establish landing points for the Space Command team and install new science and military buildings for military command base construction during invasions by Space Command which have to be ready for Earth's Forces to land and operate in during an invasion.


Leader Of Enemy Planet - A strange character who wears a costume with advanced scientific features to make himself a super villain resembling a old tube diving suit with a cape on it.

Annoying Space Boy - Some kind of gifted  "Star Child" with a tan wide face who lives on an evil planet and looks like he is from another dimension.

Space Lizard People - Evil Lizard like people who attempt to terraform outer space into lizard like planetary conditions.

Blonde Evil Leader - Evil enemy leader who has lived on Earth in the past and has returned to invade it with his evil space forces.


2022 Space Command  by Jason MacKenzie